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There is a saying: “Smile and the whole world smiles with you, frown and you frown alone.” This is a definite truism. There is no doubt that people want to be around positive people. If you examine your life, you will see that the most positive individuals you know are people magnets. Everyone wants to be around them because the spirit of positivity lifts us all emotionally and spiritually.

We also know that even if a person is not grumpy, but they still have a sad expression on their face, they seem unapproachable. I was very close to a person like this and all her children’s friends said they thought she hated them because of her facial expression when they were around. After learning about this, she started to work on the face that she presented to the world.

A recent study cited on The Doctors TV program, found that when you smile you look healthier and more attractive. I think the study just reinforced that we like to see a smile and we all react positively to seeing or receiving one.

As I served a Mission in New Zealand in 1970, I read an article or a book that dealt with the power of a smile to make people happy. After reading it, I have tried from that point on in my life to give a big smile to everyone I meet or even pass by. I also try to acknowledge them with a greeting and at least a friendly wink.

Through the years, I have had many people comment about my demeanor and how it feels when I enter the room. It often takes me by surprise since after 48 years it is grown beyond a habit to just being a part of my makeup.

I would suggest that you try to develop the smile habit. When I seen anyone with a frown, it is a trigger to remind me to smile. Every time I pass someone in a building or on the street, it triggers a smile. If you give this principle a try, it will not only improve your present relationships, but also draw people to you. I honestly believe this is one of the secrets to a happy and fulfilling life.

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