Our Founder, Lynn B. Moore

Bank Consultant of 30 years and Founder of over 30 businesses

Lynn founded Barry Moore & Associates in 1982, which was responsible for over $100 million annually in additional earnings for clients and over a billion dollars to the shareholders during the consolidation of the banking industry. One of his first bank clients has the distinction of being the top-earning bank in the country for 16 years running. (Return on Assets)


In his lifetime, Lynn has been awarded four degrees, including: Applied Aerospace Science, Business Administration, Economics, and a Marketing degree. He also has held several security licenses. While he has retired from multiple business endeavors, Lynn can’t resist being a part of an exciting business startup or bringing an innovative product to market.


Along with his appetite for enterprise, Lynn has a passion for traveling and experiencing the world. He has traveled to over 50 countries and has lived and worked in 3 of them. All that travel means that Lynn has flown over 4,000 flights, and boasts the highest premier travel award status from 3 different airlines. He is the person to call when you are looking for a good deal on travel, and he is always happy to share his secrets.


Lynn is dedicated to the pursuit of residual income because of the freedom and higher quality of life it provides. When it comes to the many markets that offer residual income, Lynn has experience as a property owner, with day trading, and currency trading as well as networking and has plenty of advice to offer for those who wish to go that route.


About Lynn Moore


Although he is officially retired, Lynn is the Chief Executive Officer of three companies. He jokingly states that his purpose in organizing FREE OF THE BOX.com was to make amends to the men and women of this country for his years of colluding with the financial services industry. He feels duty-bound to educate the public about the deceptions of the financial world and myths associated with retirement.


Lynn was born in Los Angeles and raised in San Marino and Palos Verdes. He served in New Zealand as a missionary before finishing college and joining the Air Force. After 6 years with the USAF, he joined an international consulting firm. He decided to start his own consulting firm that would specialize in banking and financial institutions with his proprietary banking improvement system.


Perhaps the most important thing you should know about Lynn is his love and dedication to his family. While you might think someone with this many business successes, might mean that his family has suffered from his absence, but that could not be further from the truth. Lynn and his wife Liz have been married 47 years and have four accomplished children and soon to have 14 beautiful grandchildren. Lynn believes that no success can compensate for failure in the home. He works hard, and works smart so that his family can remain close. They even accompany him on several getaways every year to stay connected.


The L. Barry Moore Working Philosophy


Lynn’s philosophy is based on his belief in unrestricted capitalism (not our present-day crony capitalism) and how the free market benefits everyone. He does not believe that the government should choose winners and losers in the business world. Politicians should not protect individual businesses no matter how much they contribute to their campaigns.


He also believes that the public is being sold a bill of goods when it comes to investment vehicles and strategies. They are designed to make the institutions and those that sell them wealthy, not their clients. He is dedicated to unveiling these myths and lies and revealing the business and political powers that promote them and prop them up. 


He also insists that people that want to retire early can do so without the millions in the bank that investment companies promote. It is an impossible dream that most Americans are chasing. 


Lynn Moore does not have a newsletter subscription, any seminars he charges for, or any ulterior financial incentive. He spends his free time giving back and trying to enrich people’s lives by sharing how to get the best things in life financially, and morally, with the least amount of stress possible.

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